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of americans live paycheck to paycheck

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Of Americans have less than $1000 in savings

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Of Americans have credit scores below 600

Historically, financial literacy has precluded underserved communities, spiraling into an endless cycle of social and economic problems ranging from healthcare to unemployment.
We’re working to disrupt these cycles by providing financial literacy rights for all.

Our Work

Hands on Financial Literacy is our award-winning model of uplifting the community. We serve youth, adults, employees and disaster survivors with financial literacy coaching to secure a solid financial future.
Our programs and services are offered at no cost to the client.

Commit to change lives all year long.

Round up your everyday debit or credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically donate your change to NFFEDU to help empower low income youth and adults with the tools to achieve financial independence.

Because of our partners we are doing more good for more people!

NFFEDU NEEDS your help!